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Friday, April 10, 2015

fitness friday

This month one of my goals is to log more miles.

To get started with that goal I got a brand new pair of running shoes. Nothing like a fun pop of color to inspire me to hit the pavement!

At the beginning of the year I decided to revisit a tracking method I used a few years ago. Inspired by a goal tracker I saw online, I created this calendar for the year. I used a font that has numbers inside of circles with the intention of coloring in the circles for the days I work out. One reason why I love this method is because it gets back to the main reasons for working out: healthy living and feeling good.  Sure, I love going 7 miles or beating my PR, but I also love canoeing, snowboarding, hiking and yoga. There was a stretch of time where I was so focused on my milage as a runner that I lost sight of the enjoyment.  I love this tracking system because it helps me see patterns - Tuesday and Thursdays are long - and focus on variety (yoga, weights, running) and enjoyment. Did I miss an entire week? Maybe I traded my running shoes for a yoga mat for the winter.  Do I have a streak going? Is there a day a way to get more movement into my week?

For my milage goal this tool isn't quite as useful. I often use my RunKeeper app but lately have been ditching the phone and using the timer on my UpMove band. Typically I run in the same places and now my distance, but this doesn't keep specific track of miles nor is it always accurate. So I began the hunt for something simple but fancier than a post-it. Why? The visual and creative side of me likes to be able to my goals, the growth and progress. I read on this blog that she uses a $1 daily planner to write her milage. It reminded me of watching my dad log his miles in a runners world planner. Now he uses an excel document which is great because it keeps his yearly tally up to date.

So I went to this site, where I get a monthly desktop image for my computer. She also has phone versions and printable versions of her monthly calendars. I printed off the april calendar page and away I go!

I'm a little behind if I'm hoping to hit 50 miles but I'm not yet worried. A 5k on the calendar and a possible upcoming 8k and I should be good to go!

How do you track your goals? Do you have a favorite app or system?

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Juliann in WA said...

Great tools and lovely links. Spring break has been good for you