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Monday, January 9, 2017

Bullet Journal 2017

Last week I set up my new bullet journal. Though my journaling fizzled out toward the end of 2016, I really enjoyed the process and method for keeping track of things so I decided to start fresh.

I'm using the same size Moleskin as last year and found some small cut out calendars to use at the front or my year overview. Other than that I'm hoping to use a bunch of supplies up that I have on hand. I keep a pouch with adhesive, pens, washi tape and precut cards near my journal and just grab what seems right in the moment.

Here are a few shots of the basic set up I did. I'll post some more later on when I have added more pages. Happy documenting!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Fiber Friday

So happy to be blogging again!
I haven't done much with fiber lately but I have some yarn projects queued up for 2017.
The Lex Shawl from a Quince & Co
I purchased a booklet of shawls last year and it included this lovely pattern. I received some beautiful blue yarn for Christmas that I hope will become this shawl!
Blanche from YOTH yarns
I started this sweater in Brooklyn Tweed yarn, colorway fern. I think it will be a nice addition to my post pregnancy wardrobe and it is fairly straightforward. I haven't done much seaming so it will be a good challenge.
Lucy Hats from Quince & Co
I have the exact yarn shown in this photo so I think I will make this hat. I love having a slouchy hat to cover up bed head in the winter. Plus, it should go faster than the other projects, right?
So I didn't finish this in December, but I'm enjoying the project so I hope to finally nish it up this year. I am using some YOTH yarn from a previously frogged project and would love to actually wear this yarn, since I purchased it 4 years ago.

I have a few other WIPs:
  1. Onward Shawl
  2. Ribbed Blanket
  3. Featherweight Cardigan (which I may have to frog)
Here's to hoping 2017 has a few more finished projects so I can enjoy the wearing of these beautiful yarns!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


The view from here...
Enjoying snuggles with our tiny person.
Reading this book.
Listening to this series during middle of the night feedings.
Watching this documentary and James Bond movies in small chunks as the little one sleeps.
Admiring the sunny weather from inside a warm house.
Cooking fried quinoa.
Making granola bars,
Eating anything that only requires one hand. These are particularly delicious.
Drinking water and #allthecoffee
Soaking up every moment before going back to work at the end of the month.
Inspired by this post to delete and organize phone photos.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

One Little Word 2017

I am excited to start the new year with a new word! There have been years where my word is very present here on the blog, especially in 2015 when I chose the word "be" and did weekly updates. Last year my word was a little more close to the heart: make. I tried to do a lot of things handmade and homemade but I also wanted to make time and space and focus on some self case. When we welcomed our first little baby at the beginning of December it felt life such an appropriate word.

Originally I had thought the word would help me finish some projects, but carpal tunnel kept me from knitting and sewing projects. Upon reflection, the year brought many opportunities to make in a different way: space for recovery, time for relaxing, routines for resting, date with my husband, etc.. Fall became a season of discovering and setting boundaries for myself and in the end, it wasn't as hard as I'd imagined. My family and friends worked extra hard to support me as I figured out what "resting" looked during various phases of the year. A broken rib, 13 bonus days of pregnancy and an extended hospital stay added to the equation and were certainly not part of my own plan, but reflection, I know that I did make the most of my year. 

This year I've chose the word: present.

One of the things that sticks with me from the last few weeks for pregnancy and beginning of motherhood is how much I lived each moment. During the waiting I worked hard to enjoy each moment, and think of each day as a bonus, and as we waded through the first week or so of parenthood my sense of time shifted from hours and days to moments and milestones. I try not to plan or look too far ahead, but rather enjoy the now and be present for my son and family, knowing that routine and rhythms will ebb and flow.

This is an attitude I want to bring into the new year. I can't say it's a change I want to make because it's already something I've been feeling shift inside my heart. But that's why I like this word. I don't need to change, but rather embrace what is already happening in and around me. 

I am currently reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and found this quote particularly applicable:
What I'm learning essentially, is to stand where I am, plain and sometimes tired. Unflashy, profoundly unspectacular. But present and connected and grounded deeply in the love of God, which is changing everything. (19)
I'm am excited to find out what God is planning for 2017 and looking forward to blogging about my One Little Word throughout the year. I'm not setting a bunch of goals and making a plans for this space, but will instead see where the year takes us. Happy New Year!

Sunday, August 14, 2016


I love a good list. Do you?

Ever since starting my bullet journal in January I've found myself making lists, lists and more lists. Sometimes the lists are things to do, sometimes it's things i'm grateful, but there is something about list making that always feels refreshing at the end.

I think of it like a "brain dump." It's a chance for me to get all those thoughts out of my head and somewhere safer. With baby coming and a summer with lots of free time, I've made all sorts of lists. In looking over all my lists, it might be a bit much, but it's a way for me to creatively deal with the swirling thoughts in my head. How do you keep it all straight?

Here are a few of my lists from the last few weeks.

Project Steps

Scripture Doodle Lists

Workout Lists

Gratitude Lists

To-Do Lists (paper and digital)

Grocery Lists/Meal Planning

Thematic Lists 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Fiber Friday

I finally made something for me! I was going through my clothing and noticed a few tank tops and tee shirts with those very tiny holes near the front hem. You know the ones that are almost unnoticeable but technically holes so the shirt is a bust? I was pretty bummed until I remembered seeing a cool tutorial online for sewing a dress from an existing shirt by just adding a skirt.

Here are a few of my inspirations:

I knew I had enough gray linen and plenty of shirts to choose from so i go started. I used french seams so it would be nicely finished. But when I got the waist section I was skeptical about getting it over my head. I wanted the waitlist to be high, almost empire waisted so that it would drape over "the bump". I had squeezed into a summery dress the day before and it was so comfy and forgiving I hoped this would give me lots of wear. But I had merely gathered the waistline and was going to attach it to a jersey knit top. So instead I went simple and found some elastic. I made it into a skirt instead and in the end, I have about 6 or more dressed in one!

Since the linen is a nice dark gray color, it goes with pretty much any top I owned pre pregnancy, including the ones that definitely are too short to wear. But with this skirt, I can put it over the top and it looks like a color blocked dress!

I know it's a bit wrinkled and simple, but imagine it with a black and white striped, coral, or mint green tee shirt or a tank top peaking out the top and a cardigan. I'm so in love. I also made the hem just below my knee so that it is long enough to go without leggings and long enough that as the baby grows, the skirt will still be long enough in the front.

Such a simple skirt and I hope that it will last me after baby comes. I could also alter it a bit after baby and make the intended dress, but right now, I'm loving the versatility. The only enhance would be pockets but since I was making the pattern up, I decided to to try anything too wild!