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Sunday, August 14, 2016


I love a good list. Do you?

Ever since starting my bullet journal in January I've found myself making lists, lists and more lists. Sometimes the lists are things to do, sometimes it's things i'm grateful, but there is something about list making that always feels refreshing at the end.

I think of it like a "brain dump." It's a chance for me to get all those thoughts out of my head and somewhere safer. With baby coming and a summer with lots of free time, I've made all sorts of lists. In looking over all my lists, it might be a bit much, but it's a way for me to creatively deal with the swirling thoughts in my head. How do you keep it all straight?

Here are a few of my lists from the last few weeks.

Project Steps

Scripture Doodle Lists

Workout Lists

Gratitude Lists

To-Do Lists (paper and digital)

Grocery Lists/Meal Planning

Thematic Lists 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Fiber Friday

I finally made something for me! I was going through my clothing and noticed a few tank tops and tee shirts with those very tiny holes near the front hem. You know the ones that are almost unnoticeable but technically holes so the shirt is a bust? I was pretty bummed until I remembered seeing a cool tutorial online for sewing a dress from an existing shirt by just adding a skirt.

Here are a few of my inspirations:

I knew I had enough gray linen and plenty of shirts to choose from so i go started. I used french seams so it would be nicely finished. But when I got the waist section I was skeptical about getting it over my head. I wanted the waitlist to be high, almost empire waisted so that it would drape over "the bump". I had squeezed into a summery dress the day before and it was so comfy and forgiving I hoped this would give me lots of wear. But I had merely gathered the waistline and was going to attach it to a jersey knit top. So instead I went simple and found some elastic. I made it into a skirt instead and in the end, I have about 6 or more dressed in one!

Since the linen is a nice dark gray color, it goes with pretty much any top I owned pre pregnancy, including the ones that definitely are too short to wear. But with this skirt, I can put it over the top and it looks like a color blocked dress!

I know it's a bit wrinkled and simple, but imagine it with a black and white striped, coral, or mint green tee shirt or a tank top peaking out the top and a cardigan. I'm so in love. I also made the hem just below my knee so that it is long enough to go without leggings and long enough that as the baby grows, the skirt will still be long enough in the front.

Such a simple skirt and I hope that it will last me after baby comes. I could also alter it a bit after baby and make the intended dress, but right now, I'm loving the versatility. The only enhance would be pockets but since I was making the pattern up, I decided to to try anything too wild!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Belated Fiber Friday

I have been doing a bit of fiber crafting lately but not a ton. It's been very practical and strategically planned around guests coming and going. I'm so glad I made time at the beginning of summer to sort, organize and purge my supplies because pulling things out for a day of stitching is much easier now. And of course, knowing things have a home makes it easier to clean up :)

Over the last two weeks I've been prepping two projects. One week i measured and bought materials for making cloth wipes and a baby snuggler. I've been making a few cloth wipes here and there all summer with spares bel I've uncovered (mostly left from other projects). I consulted a friend who cloth diapers and asked how many she felt was enough for a solid stash without going overboard. This helped a lot! So I bought 2 yards of flannel to make 20 more 8x8" squares (about 7.25x7.25 finished).

Last week I washed and dried everything then cut and pinned everything. I also marked darts on the snuggler and made a quick list of the steps since so much time passed between starting and ending this project. The out fabric is cotton and steel left over from a dress I made. It's so soft and felt "gender neutral". I took a scrap to the store and found a cute fuzzy flannel to serve as the lining - mint colored with sewing scissors.

Finally, yesterday I set up my machine and ironing board and got to work. It took about an hour and a half but it was so much fun because all the pieces were ready to go! I like this sort of assembly line style of sewing because I get into a rhythm and can listen to a podcast or an audio book while I work. It is also so satisfying to see everything stacked up neatly at the end of the project.

Here is "Baby Bear" modeling the snuggler. It's from Lotta Jansdotter and has Velcro closures.

I'm still plugging away on a few knitting projects and hoping this weekend will bring me close to finishing the onward shawl. As school approaches I am unsure of how much sewing I'll be able to do so I'm hoping to squeeze in one or two more sessions before then.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Journaling Update

I mentioned earlier this month that I was trying to join the one book July challenge. It has been mostly successful, save the week where I didn't even touch my journal. I've loved having lists and tasks and notes all together. 
But I also love to doodle and journal on a bigger page. My sermon journal is almost full and I have been eyeing some fun and inspiring pieces from so I started looking around at ideas. Many people have a larger leather journal catch-all than I do, and while that would be a beautiful place to store devotional pieces and such, I am not really interested in buying something when I clearly have more than I need. So today I found my original bullet journal sitting on the shelf. It's full and currently not in rotation but I love the cover and a few of the layouts I did in particular. I pulled it out and compared it to my illustrated faith devo and realized that it would be the perfect size! But what to do with all the pages inside?

Well, they are mostly todo lists and task and things from the first half of the year that are no longer relevant, so I grabbed a pair of scissors, and with nothing to lose, I started cutting out the pages. I left my blog ideas, gratitude, books to read, water log, and exercise log pages because they seem inspiring to look back over. Most importantly though, I was left with a cute cover and space for new things!

I trimmed the top and bottom of the spine to be angled a bit and then added 3 rubber bands. From the inside of the book I can access the rubber bands and put insets and new little devotionals inside. 

I made a simple 4.25" x 8" blank book to use for my Overflow Encouragement devotional and got to decorating. I also spruced up the cover a bit. I had so much fun and am so eager to dive in! I'm going to keep this one by my bed so I can jot down gratitudes, encouragements, and use it for morning bible study.

Best of all, I used my stash, spent no money, and even got rid of some excess stuff!

If you haven't done so, check out to get some inspiration :)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Fiber Friday

This week I finished my Terra Shawl and I love it so much!

I had bought this yarn for a different shawl and got about 1/3 of the way through when I realized that that yarn was too dark to showcase the texture. So I ripped it out and found the Terra Shawl. I only worked on it during movie night for the most part, but once I hit the lace section, I couldn't put it down.

I'm currently working on fixing up my Featherweight Cardigan. I started this around Christmas and plowed through but when I got to the sleeves, I must've grabbed a different brand of needle and there is a noticeable line where I switched needles. The sleeves were really bugging me so I decided to rip back. I was able to just rip back the sleeve section and get the stitches back onto the correct needles. Phew! I was fully prepared to tear the whole thing out and start new, but I'm very grateful it didn't come to that!
I also decided to take stock of my WIPs and drew up a chart in my bullet journal. It was so satisfying to finished the Terra shawl and mark it off as complete! I also cast on the Onward shawl which was the original plan for the Tosh yarn above. This time i used some Berocco Ultra Alpac I received from someone. The color is REALLY hard to capture on the camera, but it is a dusty green color and since it is a light color and fairly solid, the pattern seems to be showing up wonderfully! I've been whizzing through this pattern since it's a new cast on and the repeats are easy enough to memorize.

The color here is fairly similar to actual color.

Do you keep track of WIPs? One year I did a stellar job of logging via but find that it's easier to grab my journal than log onto my computer. Happy Fiber Friday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bullet Journal - tracking

Last week I wanted to track my water intake. I set a goal but was really more interested in seeing how I did each day. I wanted to look for patterns and habits that might already exist and then see how I could build on those.
Interestingly it went really well! A few days I fell short by one serving, however I was still getting at least the minimum daily requirement. I also noticed that days where I was out and about were tricky. This is in part due to the difficulty of keeping track while on the go, but also because I was either engaged in activity (therefore not focusing on my water intake) or I was hesitant about guzzling so much water when bathrooms were few and far between :)
I did feel confident that overall I have developed a good habit that is worth working at and improving on. I also added a little note in the corner of each box to indicate about what time of day I finished that serving of water. That was really interesting because it showed days where I was doing great in the morning and then almost nothing all afternoon until dinner. In reflecting back, these were days where I was engaged in a project (at home or otherwise) where I was focused on a task. My mornings and evenings seems to be broken into small tasks all around the house so I'm frequently getting up and moving around, therefore carting my water bottle with me or refilling my glass with regularity.
Will I do this every week? Certainly not. But will I try something similar again: for sure! On Sunday when I was working on this post and looking over my chart I only ended up meeting 1/2 my goal for the day. I found it interesting that the moment I stopped tracking, I also stopped meeting my goal. So I'm trying a simpler version of my tracking. No time stamps, smaller grid and hopefully I can keep building on this mindfulness.