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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

documenting 2015

Over the last few years i've explored different ways of documenting the events of the year.

I did a scrapbook inspired by the Project Life craze for 2012. Then
for 2013 I actually used Project Life cards and dividers and even followed through!

Last year I didn't really do anything other than post a lot of pictures to Instagram. I entertained the idea of printing all my Instagram photos and making a book but never quite followed through.  I did keep up my page pretty well, posting pictures of the various projects.

This year I wanted to see if I could follow through with the Instagram idea so I've already begun compiling photos. To make the task manageable and give it a theme, I decided to use my scripture sunday photos/verses as the main subject of the book.

I've had success with a variety of online book printing companies but was eager to try artifact uprising. I heard an interview with the founders and really like the idea and story behind their company.

screenshot from

Every month I upload the scripture sunday photos from the previous month. I decided to do a square book but not all of my photos are squares so I played around with the layout tools and discovered an easy way to insert these photos onto the page layout without cutting any part off.

I love the simplicity of the layouts and options and there is even a way to connect your instagram feed to the site which makes uploading super simple. In fact, that 2014 book could be a quick project on a rainy afternoon and a great way to test out the service! I hope to write an update on this project in a few months.


Juliann in WA said...

Great idea!

Amy said...

I love that great thinks mind alike once again. :)