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Saturday, April 11, 2015

care for a refreshment?

I've been working hard since february to drink more water. It's hard for me when I'm at work because I'm moving around all the time and inevitably I lose my water bottle or leave it in a strange place. I've been slowly collecting glass bottles which originally had kombucha in them - I think I'm up to 10 now. They are great because they each hold 16 ounces, are leak proof, and can go though the dishwasher.

My usual routine is to take them straight from the dishwasher, fill them with filtered water and a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar, then load them straight into the fridge. So many perks to this method. Number one: I didn't have to find cabinet space to hold them! Number two: it is easy to grab one at any point during the day or in the morning when I'm packing my lunch. Number three: I don't feel so bad if I misplace it since it wasn't pricey and also because it has a cap and won't spill before I DO stumble upon it under the passenger seat of my car (for example).  I usually grab two for my workday aiming to drink one before and one after lunch. Then I grab one in the evening and sometimes even a fourth on my way to bed.

This week I was feeling a bit fancy and decided to spruce up my beverage by adding frozen cranberries. I put them in and then used a fork to pop a few open so that the juices with flavor the water a bit. Such a simple way to fancy up my beverage and to entice me to drink more water.

Here are a few of my favorite infusions:

  • cucumber slices and lemon
  • frozen blueberries and cucumber
  • pineapple, lime and cucumber
  • basil and cucumber
  • pretty much anything with a slice of cucumber :)

What's your trick for drinking more water? Here are some recipes for different water infusions and blend that seem yummy and fun!

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Juliann in WA said...

My fav is lemon and ginger