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Saturday, April 4, 2015

april goals

Alright April, here I come!
I'm just setting three goals this month. They feel lofty so it seems appropriate.

We've talked for awhile now about how best to purge and organize our house. Yup, 2 years into living here and we're finally getting around the a big overhaul! In December we did a Music Studio Overhaul and it has been an amazing space for Seth's studio and practice. We also started hanging art on the walls so it is beginning to feel more like a home. That being said, we are both overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that still exists in our small house and are motivated to do something about it. We're looking at a few different methods for how to best tackle this major project and since I can't set goals for other people on my blog I've narrowed it down to this. Once a week take a load of things to the donation center. Whether it's clothing, books, kitchen supplies etc doesn't matter. My main goal is to get things out of the house then out of my car and to a place where they can be more useful. Sundays are my goal day for this to happen because I can put it in the car before church and swing by the donation center on my way home.

Run More Miles!
print by Elise Blaha Cripe
My participation in the Big Climb last month meant I was hyper focused on circuit training and strengthening my legs and abs. Not a bad thing but it meant my milage shrank. I did run a 5K in March and was pleasantly surprised by my time. After running 7 miles with my mom last week I realized how much I miss hitting the pavement. So with my new kicks and Spring Break to get started, I'm ready to rack up the miles! I'm think about the 50 mile goal that mom and I used to aim for when we were first starting out. It feels manageable without being too lofty. I already logged 2 today, so I have 26 days to get 48 more miles!

Send 2 Cards a Week
I already started this goal on April 1 and just love the feeling of sealing up an envelope and putting on a stamp! I'm pretty set with cards between a resent "thank you" card restock and my HappyMail deliveries. I'm hoping to spread the love a little outside of my normal circle but it's hard since address sharing is kind of retro. I feel like I'm spoiling the surprise when I ask people for their address, but really, who doesn't love a fun card in the mail :)

I am excited to see how these goals pan out. Spring Break always gives me a boost so here's to hoping it will inspire me to finish strong! Happy April!

//get to work print found here//

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Juliann in WA said...

Yes - you need to bump up those miles in your spiffy new shoes