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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

30 days of lists (delayed due to birthday storm 2015)

Reasons Sisters Are So Great

  1. They are forever friends
  2. They laugh at your jokes
  3. They always have funny stories to tell
  4. Sisters get it when stuff is a bummer and they won't disagree (at least to your face)
  5. Sometimes you dress like twins, but it's okay
  6. They will get mad at you when you're not around when they need you
  7. That's because they REALLY like being around you especially when they need you
  8. One sister will always remember "that time" and remind the other
  9. Sisters have great imaginations
  10. The buddy system for carefree and challenging times
  11. When you're both sad, and you both know it, you can just try and make each other laugh. And that's okay.
  12. Little sisters give big sisters a reason to do hard stuff bravely
  13. Big sisters are relieved when little sisters do hard things first
  14. Laughing... So much laughing
  15. You can team up to do things, like I buy the gift and you make the card


So many other things I could write, but that'll be a list for another day.

Happy Birthday, Sister!