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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

30 days of lists no. 18

What to do When the Power Goes Out

  1. Find the battery operated lanterns
  2. Close the blinds and drapes and hope to keep the heat in!
  3. Read a book by lantern (or nook glow!)
  4. Shadow puppets
  5. Turn all devices to "low power mode"
  6. Check Twitter for updates
  7. Put #alltheblankets on your bed
  8. Layer up and go for coffee
  9. Choose the place that DOESN'T offer free wifi (shorter line!)
  10. Bring home lunch from Whole Foods
  11. Go for a walk in an attempt to warm up
  12. Collect branches and make wreaths
  13. Accept the neighbors offer to make you tea with their generator
  14. Start a new knitting project
  15. Celebrate when the oven clock starts flashing again!

24 hours was plenty of time for us. Praying for warmth and safety of others who are still without.


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