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Sunday, August 23, 2015

scripture sunday #becontent

I love the last line of this verse- the idea of living carefree, without worry or anxiety because God is protective and careful with us. I hadn't thought about the tension between being contentment and worry. To worry is to think there is something you don't have or can't have, to always be looking around and guessing what might happen. Contentment comes from a place of trust and rest in the power and guidance of God, relying on him to strengthen us.
As I enter back into work this week I want to focus on feeling confident in the gifts he has given me, confidence that his plan is greater than any other plan, and remember that he is careful with me, knowing best what my heart soul and body need. #becontent #becarefree


Each Sunday I choose a scripture for the week. The scripture relates to my one little word for the year and helps me intentionally explore my word and set a purpose for each week. See more scripture sunday posts here.


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Juliann in WA said...

An new hashtag? #contentnomatterwhat