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Friday, August 21, 2015

fiber friday

Wow, I've been knitting a lot this week! I worked furiously on the Glebe Shawl for my mother-in-law. I LOVE this shawl and hope she loves it just as much. Check out the slideshow below or my Ravelry project page.
Glebe Wrap

Before putting it in the mail I took these shots in our yard, which seemed like a lovely, autumnal backdrop for this back-to-school gift.

I also worked one morning on one point of the center star of my Midnight at the Oasis for the QAL. I sewed all 16 triangles together one morning before work. I have most of the triangles cut for the other 3 points, just working on how to organize my supplies. I want them to be handy and easy to grab so that when I'm inspired I can dive in! I saw a brief post on twitter about this idea of daily crafting and how to make it part of the routine. After reading the comments here are my ideas that I will try and implement for achieving my crafting goal this fall!

Craft Night! Choose one night a week where crafting is the goal. I'm leaning toward Thursday but without our fall schedule completely blocked out, it might change.

Break it DownBreaking projects into small tasks helps me feel accomplished. I aim to complete one task each setting. I recently did this with the baby quilt I made.

  1. cut all the triangles 
  2. arrange the triangles into rows then pin pairs to prep for sewing
  3. sew all rows 
  4. sew the rows into a top and add border 
  5. make small fox for the back and baste the quilt together (quilting prep)
  6. machine quilt the top and sew the binding to the front
  7. Hand stitch the binding
That was the plan and I actually ended up finishing the whole thing in 5 days. When I completed something quilting I could assess the next step on the list and determine if I had enough time to complete another step.

Find a System
I like to create an assembly line and system to make things go smoothly. When I am sewing half-square triangles or something repetitive I set up the ironing board and sewing table as an L shape at the same height, I can plow through a bunch by chain stitching and eliminating the need to go across the room to iron.

Making a pattern you know is another way to help the process. Of course, I've not been sewing enough lately to want to remake items. Instead I keep trying new patterns. Perhaps this is a good one for me to try out this fall.


Juliann in WA said...

Another idea for sewing quilt blocks - get an inexpensive outdoor tablecloth, vinyl in one side and fuzzy in the other. You can cut it into smaller pieces. Then you lay out your blocks on the fuzzy side and the pieces kind of stick so you can easily roll for fold it up to put away.

Jennie in GA said...

Nice start on your Jen Kingwell!