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Friday, August 28, 2015

fiber friday

This is where I learned to sew. I was shorter and younger. The furniture has been arranged and rearranged at one point moving rooms altogether on,y to return. The machine has changed and the projects ebb and flow but the thrill of taking a flat piece of fabric and creating something new remains.

Sewing garments is something I have love hate relationship with. I remember the pattern choosing being difficult because the fabric shown on the model wasn't my choice and it's hard to imagine how the sketch on that page will transform into something wearable.

Last night I returned to this room to sew and mom my- who introduced me to all things fiber related- gifted me with cutting and prepping all the piece. I am grateful that she didn't have to rip seams for me, like the olden days and instead could pass on this gift her mom gave to her. Seam by seam I stitched, then ironed then tried it on. I am still not great at remembering easy to try on clothing when garment sewing, something that comes on and off quickly so the fit is most accurate.

Interfacingm French seams and pockets are done, just need to hem the bottom and sleeves (great fridaynifbt project!). I'm in the last stretch of the garment process, the one where I imagine all the different ways to wear the dress: the shoes, leggings vs no leggings, necklaces, shawls, etc. Then I imagine which occasions it will be best for and wonder if I can really hold off until Tuesday (first day of school) to wear the dress or if I will cave and wear it Sunday...



Juliann in WA said...

Hooray for traditions

Erin V. said...

Love!! You could always "break it in" on Sunday...just saying :) AND it has pockets!