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Friday, July 31, 2015

Fiber Friday - gift edition

The main fiber event of the last 5 days has been a baby quilt for my friend's first baby. We worked together to pick fabrics and a playful pattern that felt like a good blend of our two styles. I cut the triangles months ago but didn't start sewing until last Wednesday.

I love the triangles and the zigzag quilting. I also enjoy the way the colored triangles pop off the light background on the front. When I was searched for a backing I fell in love with the dots especially as it is dark and contrasting. It seemed to pull the whole quilt together and kept this from being too much of a baby quilt and something that he could carry around as he grows up.

A fun part of this project is the challenge to add a fox on the back. She didn't want a thematic quilt but a nod to the woodland theme of the nursery.

I searched around Pinterest and decided to dissect a fox block that I saw repeatedly, so I got out my graph paper and ruler and went to work. He couldn't have turned out any better! And I love that he is peeking out of the corner of the quilt!

When consulting my quilt guru (my mom!) she suggested the little tag for a label. I am the worst at remembering to label gifts so this was a great idea as I was already handstitcheping the fix to the back. I wrote the baby's name on one side (blurred out on this image) and then the date and my name on the back of the tag.

I loved working in this project (despite the limited time I gave myself) and I certainly learned a few things:

  • Piecing is fun! I loved making the fox block - perhaps it's time for more piecing?
  • Triangles are harder than I remembered, they take lots of brain power and cautious working. Time for a break from triangles!
  • I need to practice my hand stitching in a serious way
  • I can finally make pretty corners on my quilts thanks to this video tutorial!
  • I love using vibrant colors and big sections of black, white, or grey so the colors "pop"
  • I like small quilts and have now made 4 quilts about 40"x40" - the perfect lap quilt/wall hanging/baby quilt
  • Taking photos is important and sometimes precarious (thanks hubby!)






1 comment:

Juliann in WA said...

Well done and the pictures of you taking a picture are going to be a great memory too!