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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Around here we love our coffee! It all began last year when we visited a local coffee roaster and decided to test out all the coffee related gadgets we'd received as gifts over the years.

During the year we tried french press, cold press, drip coffee, aeropress, espresso, stovetop espresso, lattes, americanos, and I'm sure something else I'm forgetting. Next we tried changing up the roast of the beans and ordered a variety of beans from here. Then we decided to use a gift card to buy a hand grinder. This seemed like a great investment because we could take it camping, or use it when the power fails. But as you can see, with new ways of preparing coffee, came a more complicated involved process.

This is when I kind of hit a wall. You see, I like to do things quickly. It's a blessing and a curse really.  The more complicated a process becomes, the less accurate I get; the more I begin to improvise. Sometimes this works and my creativity is welcome, but not always.  So I stopped making coffee. If it was made for me (barista or otherwise) I enjoyed it greatly, but in the mornings when I got ready for work, the thought of weighing and hand grinding beans just to START the coffee put me over the edge. I was out.

Fast forward to last week. I'd been on homemade coffee hiatus for a few months and suddenly found myself longing for a cup of coffee.  One of my favorite methods we'd discovered was french press (aka, the method that takes the least amount of time) and I decided to jump back in! I got out the scale, weighed the beans, adjusted the hand grinder to the right level and started up the kettle. That cup of coffee was so satisfying! It made me realize that the process doesn't really take that much time. In fact, I enjoyed the quiet hiss of the kettle and the crunch sound of the beans. In the stillness and quiet of the early morning I found myself relaxing into the experience. This has since become my tried and true method for getting my morning cup of coffee and I'm calling it:

We like our small demitasse cups as it means the coffee doesn't get cold. I also usually wrap a tea towel or napkin around the carafe to keep in the heat. But really, the coffee doesn't last long. It's so yummy and rich that we drink it up quickly!

There are so many things in life that are meant to be enjoyed. I'm working to find and savor these small rituals in my days. Even if I only linger for a moment, there is joy. Do you have a daily ritual or regular task that you savor?

Here's another yummy recipe and some of the tools we use (or similar).
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Juliann in WA said...

Awesome post! You need to invite me over for a cuppa 😉