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Thursday, April 16, 2015

sending mail

Since we're halfway through the month, I thought it would be good time to check in on my letter writing goal for the month.

I started by thinking about what was keeping me from writing letters. Here were struggles:

  1. Finding all the cards I thought I had
  2. Remembering to address the envelope
  3. Finding a stamp
  4. Getting it to the mailbox/postoffice

During our spring break cleaning overhaul I noticed a 2 recurring ideas in the books and articles we  read about organizing. 1: A place for everything and everything in its place. 2: If you need something on a regular basis, find an easy access storage system. Kind of felt like common sense at first and then I started assessing my storage solutions.

Previously my card and letter writing suppliers were stored in boxes and drawers. These were practical places and the boxes were cute and decorative, yet I rarely looked inside to use the supplies. I happened to have a desk organizer on my desk that was storing... let's just say stuff that didn't need storing. Once I cleaned it out I decided to give it a new purpose. My newly simplified and clean desk only has two things on it. A place for pencils and pens, and a place for cards. I also bought a book of stamps and clipped it right on the edge of the card holder. Problems #1 and #3 solved!

I have had great success since displaying my cards where I can see them. Sometimes I see a card and thinking of someone. Other times, I'm at my desk working on the computer and I think of someone who might need a letter. I can quickly grab a card, jot a note, and find the address on my computer. In one sitting I've got the letter written, addressed and stamped. No more problem #2!

Problem #4 is probably the hardest for me. Our mailbox system is a little tricky so I've found the most success by putting the card on the passenger seat of my car and either dropping it off on my way to work or when I'm running errands. So far I've sent 3-4 cards a week and it has felt so good! I love the thought that someone is sorting through bills or ads and then finds a little envelope of love!

1 comment:

Juliann in WA said...

It IS wonderful to find that hand addressed card amongst the mail box clutter