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Friday, June 24, 2016

fiber friday

It's been much too long, but to be fair, there hasn't been much fiber fun happening in the last few months. Things have changed though because it is summer break and I have new found energy and motivation to create!

I started by doing a major sort of fabric. I was able to eliminate a large tub and in doing so, discovered lovely fabrics and unfinished projects! I quickly got to work sewing up some washcloths out of flannel so I could use up my stash a bit and prep for our November baby's arrival. I hear babies like messes :)

Flannel Washcloths

Today I sorted through my yarn which was much easier because I did a purge not too long ago. I still discovered some lovely yarn and projects I'd abandoned and was happy to find a spark of inspiration! I'm currently playing with some Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Smoky Blue. I inherited a LARGE amount of this yarn so I'm testing out some stitch patterns and needle sizes before committing. The hubby is toying with knitting something for the little one so we're considering this blanket or perhaps this project. Updates to come!

Moss Stitch Blanket 1

I am also making steady progress on my Terra shawl from some lovely Tosh Merino. I have worked on this weekly for a few months, during movie nights. It is a really fun knit, though the garter ribbed section felt quite long. Glad to be in the carted lace section now! Note: the color is hard to capture so I included a photo of the yarn from 

Tosh Merino Terra Shawl

And lastly, I started working on a blanket in April using some Inca Tweed Yarn I've had for awhile. This is a great airplane project. Something easy to remember without having to carry the pattern around. Because it's repetitive, I tend to work on it in spurts then I get a little bored. I am really liking the weight of the blanket now that I'm about halfway through!

Ribbed Blanket 1

That's the fiber news for now and I'm very excited to be back in this space and to have some projects to share. Happy knitting, sewing, and weekending!

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Juliann in WA said...

So much lovely fiber to launch your summer!