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Saturday, November 7, 2015

30 days of lists

It's report card season right now. There is always talk around this time about the difference between a 3 (meets expectation), 2 (developing), and 4 (above abd beyond). I love the idea of finding the areas where there may be growth but one is still developing the skill or ability. This inspired my list for today.

Areas Where I'm Still Developing
1. Sleeping in, like truly staying in bed late
2. Putting my clothes back on the hangers
3. Bringing my lunch bag in from the car (why is this hard?!?!)
4. Finishing books before they are due at the library
5. Dealing with car problems. I do better now but it always unravels me
6. Unloading the dishwasher. I can load it eight times a day if you want but once they're clean...
7. Staying awake past 9 - the time change had made this harder!
8. Eating just a handful of pretzels 
9. Remembering to drink water in the cooler month - I'm all about the tea
10. Rhythm - my musical Achilles' tendon 

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