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Saturday, November 7, 2015

30 days of lists

11 Things I didn't know 11 years ago
1. That we'd get married (although perhaps we suspected)
2. That he would make me laugh harder than anyone else ever 
3. That he is NOT a morning person, but can overcome this with certain motivations
4. That I could bake
5. That he snowboarded
6. Contrary to his actions then, he prefers to go places with people - not alone
7. That I like and thrive with alone time
8. That I'd be a teacher
9. That he didn't own jeans
10. That we would have a band
11. That I needed his sense of adventure and freedom to finally break out of my shell of fear

Something I DID know: I want to be around someone generous, kind, patient and caring. Best decision ever!