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Monday, September 28, 2015

fall list

I love fall. I'm one of those people that craves the crisp morning air and the slightly cooler temps. This fall I have just a few simple things i'd love to do...

  1. drink cider - hot and spiced
  2. go to a farm for fall festivities
  3. go for lots of walks in the neighborhood
  4. make #allthesoup
  5. wear boots and tights
  6. hand quilt on my tree quilt so it's ready for december
  7. host an autumnal gathering. i'm thinking there ought to be pie
  8. knit some mittens or fingerless gloves
  9. play guitar more, just for fun
  10. make new pillow cases for the living room

what is something you love to do when falls comes around?
or are you a fan of another season?


Andi said...

Such a wonderful list. I am with you on making all the soup, cider, and the fall festivities.
Looking forward to seeing your finished Quilt!

Juliann in WA said...

Great list and quite reasonable

Amy said...

All of the things!

ICBingham said...

Yes! Farms! Soup! PIE! Yes!