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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

one little word wednesday

Aside from my scripture sunday posts, I haven't followed up much regarding my one little word.


I am really loving this word and the challenge it is bringing me. Each week I kind of take a different look at the word however I am also pretty consist in using certain iterations, such as be active, be cheerful, and be grateful.

This last month I started a new hobby. I never in a million years thought I would want this hobby, let alone blog about it but here we are. I do puzzles.

Puzzles have a lot of pieces, they take focus, concentration, attention to detail and probably the hardest for me.... you have to sit still! Now you could argue that I have no trouble sitting still and knitting for 2 hours worth of PBS shows, but there is an active element that I never could find in doing puzzles.

However, my two best friends are puzzle masters and I finally joined in so I could see what the fuss was all about. Surprisingly I didn't feel the building anxiety that I normally feel. Instead, I felt relaxed yet engaged. Over the course of the next month we completed a 500-1000 piece puzzle each week. Last night I sat at the table for a good hour and we picked away at a puzzle. I was shocked. I'm still a bit shocked even just typing this out. And here is what I realized.

Our house is a busy place with music students coming and going, I've had lots of late-night meetings, and my ability to stay awake through any show longer than 30 minutes is diminishing. Puzzle have become the one activity where we can sit down together and simply be.

Now I look forward to sitting down after dinner to work on the puzzle because we can chat about our days, we can sit in silence, or we can laugh and tell stories. I value these opportunities to be me, to be a wife and a sister and a friend, to be focused without stress, and to feel accomplishment in a creative endeavor.

Plus, I kind of love that each sunday my sister picks out a puzzle from her stash and bring it to us to try. We love shared hobbies!

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Amy said...

I really like that Seattle one!