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Monday, July 28, 2014


I love pickles. Plain dill, garlic dill, I can even love a good bread and butter pickle as long as I'm expecting it. Nothing worse than a sweet pickle when you're ready for tangy dill!

About 5 years ago we lived in Colorado and had a great Farmera market that was all but 2 months of the year. I'd chat with the sellers and came to learn the best way to wash greens, how to grow local herbal tea and so much more. Sadly I've forgotten a lot of these tips and stories so we've been spending the summer reclaiming our love for local and handmade.

Fast forward to last weekend when we took a trip to a local market and fruit stand. There were boxes and BOXES of pickling cucumbers and I was immediately transported back to Colorado when we made pickles.

So we snagged a respectable amount, though too many since were headed out of town soon and I began hunting for a recipe.

My canning skills are limited and due to time constraints I decided on this recipe for quick pickles, or as I affectionately refer to them, Quickles.

The recipe is straight but I would recommend watching this video that accompanies the recipe because Sarah Carey is a great chef to watch and she gives some helpful tips.

My only changes were to cut the brine recipe in half (due to the number of pickles if grabbed) and I did cut the sugar down by 1/3 since we're not into super sweet pickles.

Can't wait to add these to a sandwich or a hamburger. And to be honest, I'll probably pop a few as a little snack as well :)

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