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Friday, July 18, 2014

Fiber Friday

Finishing projects seems to be the theme of this summer and that is OK with me!

In the knitting department I've been trying to finish an older project before starting a new one. In theist week I've finished a blanket for world vision (no photo), dishcloths (more later), and this raspberry colored version of the honey cowl in a cotton blend from Michaels a few years back. I love this pattern!

For my grand finale... drumroll please... fireflies rising shawlette!!!!! I feel extra excited about this one because I really took time and care to do it well, plus it looks so fancy! I really loved knitting this piece and would absolutely make it again, but not quite yet, I have a few things in the queue that I'm anxious to try.

We took a recon trip to the yarn shop yesterday (sans gift certificate so I would truly just look). I have my eye set on a golden, mustardy yellow tone after realizing ice ever knitting with that color.

I'm contemplating another shawl because they are fun, fairly simple but really satisfying, but we shall see. I took photos of potential yarns including price yardage and weight so that I could look more seriously at my pattern options and decide what's next for the needles.

I've been back on track with planning out and writing blog posts so we'll see if I can get back in a groove before fall! Happy creating!