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Friday, July 4, 2014

fiber friday

After knitting and unknitting a variety of patterns with this yarn I finally decided to look at the yarn brand site to see what they recommended for the yarn. Let the experts be the experts, right? So I explored the Brooklyn Tweed website and found the Romney Kerchief.

What I quickly realized is that I saw this shawl at the yarn shop where I purchased my yarn and I loved it there. Guess I should've gone with my gut.

At first glance it seemed overly simple and I had a hard time pressing the purchase button, but it was definitely work the money to have a pattern designed for the yarn and I learned a few techniques along the way.

The color changes a git depending on the lightly. Is it lavender, rose, grey? 

I loved knitting this shawl and would recommend it for a basic shawl pattern because of the easy to remember row repeats. I also would like to quote my favorite part of the pattern and recommend that you "block aggressively." The drape of the shawl changed dramatically for the better after I soaked and blocked it (aggressively!).

Now to do a bit more on my Fireflies Rising Shawlette and decide what new project to cast on.
Happy Fibery Friday!

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Juliann in WA said...

Great pictures - love the yarn too