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Thursday, June 26, 2014

one little word wednesday

Choose to explore.

Yesterday was our first full day in Hawaii. The Big Isalnd has so many different things to so that we decided to just drive north and see what we could find. We knew of a few places based on a local guide we were given and at each stop we seemed to acquire a slightly different map with varied restaurants and activities. We brainstormed a quick list of things to try and find but really, we just drove until we saw something interesting.

This view is from the northern tip of the island in the Pololū Valley. You drive to the end of the highway, park, and hike down. Just reapply sunscreen, grab your water, and head on down.

This was exactly the thing we like to do and the views were spectacular. I am so glad we chose to explore. Today we're exploring more close to home. We might even go swimming!?! Side note: we might be the only visitors to not swim within the first 36 hours of arriving in Hawaii.

Choosing to explore is not easy for a girl who likes a plan, but it is surely worth the challenge!