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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

one little word wednesday

Over spring break I worked on my one little word. I thought about what choose looks like in food and realized i'd been choosing quick and easy over healthy and delicious.

So this week we meal planned. While we tried this last week #fail we are really sticking to it this week and it's been great. One of the key factors was to have some go-to meals. Here's my criteria:
1. we know we love it
2. we know how to make it
3. we have most of the ingredients most of the time
4. its quick and or easy to prep

One of my new faves is this recipe. While it certainly doesn't meet criteria #4, it's meets the rest and it is so yummy that it's worth the extra effort! 

This week we are serving it up on a brown rice tortillas with arugula and garlic tahini sauce. 
Mmm... I think I chose wisely :)


Juliann in WA said...

Yum! Not every meal needs to be quick :)

Taylor [LorTay] said...

Someone really awesome must have sent you that recipe.