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Friday, April 25, 2014

Fiber Friday no. 2

Last week I went through my basket of knitting. I have to confess, it wasn't my intention to sort and organize, I was just looking for a needle to weave in the ends of a project. Spoiler alert: it was at the very bottom. #needleinaknittingbasket

Once i started digging through, the typical tangled mess of yarn showed it's ugly face and i began sorting, untwisting, grouping and organizing it all on the floor. In the end I found 3 projects that are at least half way completed and don't require much work. I've decided that I will only work on my shawl here at home when i can focus on it, so these newly discovered projects have become my mobile knitting.

This project isn't too old but I had set it aside a few months ago. now it is in my car for those times where there are a few extra minutes or when I forgot to bring other knitting.

These two blankets are an attempt to use up a large stash of Vanna's Choice yarn that has previously been 3 different sweater attempts. i think it's just right for small lap/baby blankets and am definitely going to work on finishing these up.

I also found some nice cotton yarn that works nicely for dishcloths and rags so I've started  making some in a variety of sizes to both use up my stash and to replace some that need to be retired. I'm trying out some different stitch patterns too!

Lots of fiber and lots of free time this weekend
to play!

Fiber Friday - Each Friday I will post about all things fiber related. Some weeks will feature yarn projects and other weeks fabric with a few projects I am dreaming of sprinkled in between.

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Juliann in WA said...

A project to go is a great idea :)