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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coffee Helper - Lent day 2

"Coffee break. That's what I need," I thought to myself. I gathered my mug, coffee grounds and filter and headed to the other building. Upon entering I realized a student was upset and talking with another staff member in the health room. Definitely one of mine. "Do I sneak by and let them handle it? Should I check in and see if I'm needed?" Had it been another student, I might have kept walking, but instead I walked in and stood quietly to the side. It was evident she was in no shape to head to recess so I invited her to come with me. We went to the conference room and chatted about coffee. "My mom has a latte maker," she told me. I let her push the buttons and pull the levers. We spoke slowly and quietly to one another and she watched with great patience as the water level went down and the coffee filled my cup. We "snuck out the back" and into the classroom and as she got her snack out and waited for the other students I realized that she was the one who needed the coffee break. A break from the noise and chaos of passionate first graders. A break from working and thinking hard, and following directions. Even though never got to drink my coffee, it was the most important decision I made all day.

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