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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Slice of 29

hadn't planned to reflect on this past year, but somehow it seems like I should. Twenty nine was a good age, the year of "BOLD Jess" and settling into things. Teaching, volunteering with the youth, digging deeper into friendships and exploring ways to share my gifts. 

This year brought illness during vacations, and fear and pain like I never wanted to witness, but it also brought the laughter and joy of three little nephews, music students parading in and out of our home, homemade lattes, four quilts, and numerous yoga and knitting adventures!

I can see so much more than I saw a year ago. No, it's not just the glasses  accompanying me into my third decade of life that are helping me see what is in front of me. This last year I tried hard to simplify, to focus on needs not wants, to seek rejuvenating experiences, not depleting ones. 

This birthday I feel confident that I got all I could out of my the year. I learned to drive a manual and traveled to perform with well versed musicians just as passionately as I painted cabinets and crawled under tables to comfort little children. I put my all into this year and  I'm ready for more adventure. 

Farewell, 29. May I take with me the lessons you've brought: the good, the hard, the sad and the joyful memories. Let's see where 30 takes me...

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Juliann in WA said...

You lived well! Enjoy your day