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Sunday, May 20, 2012

a pseudo sister adventure

last weekend was full. like, more than full than i should have allowed it to become and while each event was important to me, one stood out among them all: cheering amy on at her first 5K!

a few years  ago amy started running. for her birthday, taylor and i wanted to support her newest hobby and gave her a nike+ watch to track her runs and document her running journey. i also began running, around the same time and remember viewing amy as my running inspiration. in the last year we've run together a handful of times, one time even meeting up with taylor and her pup, and though each of the three of us has had ups and downs in our individual journeys with running,  i've always admired amy's dedication and intentional effort to choose running. to choose a healthy hobby.

this photo of the three of us, sisters at heart, made me realize how much we inspire each other. my heart was so full on that morning. our lives have been intertwined for fourteen years (more if you count the years before we "officially" met) and through so many facets of life we have supported each other, cheered each other on and inspired one another.

just before the race began, with the sun beaming down and the pre-race energy swirling around us, I requested that Taylor (hold-your-arm-out photographer extraordinaire) snap a shot of us. it took a few tries to get us all looking glam (not to mention in the frame) and now, when i look at this picture, i think of this bond. i see that we are quite different in many ways, yet i know in my heart how well we compliment each other.

thanks ladies for always picking up where we left off, for pushing nudging me and cheering me on, and for letting me in on the fun times! i can not wait for the next adventure! 


Anonymous said...

I heart this post. I've been wanting to blog about my run but hadn't gotten around to it -- and I think this sums up better than I ever could (although I still might take a shot at it). :)

Jess said...

I hope you DO blog about your race :) I was hesitant to post before you, but wanted to share the story. Looking forward to reading your "side" of the story!