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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

let me be frank.

i'm trying to write a blog post. for the last... t-h-r-e-e h-o-u-r-s.
you see, i've been taking pictures and collecting stories in my head, stories to share in this space.
but each time i sit down and begin typing i get lost in the words and the point of my story.

anne lamott always says to just sit down and write and to know that the first draft is going to be bad*. so i write and then read. and then rewrite and then read. and i go over the text so much that my brain begins to hurt and begin to wonder why i even started to tell the story. why did i think this was something worth sharing? i see too many ideas competing for the spotlight. one story with so many perspectives and opportunities for reflection.

so i stopped, saved the drafts and started with a blank slate.

now you may be wondering, "what is this post about?" it's about telling you that there are many stories on their way to this space! the pictures are edited and the framework is there but i need them to sit and stew a little longer. so until they are ready to be served in all their glory, here is a photo. a photo that i will not explain or reflect upon, for i think it really speaks for itself.

*this is a paraphrase. clearly.

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Anonymous said...

From the number of blog drafts I have saved in various places, I definitely understand this! Can't wait to read what comes out of the stew. :)