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Friday, March 9, 2012

Slice of Life 2012 - 9

What I'm reading.

Unfortunately, I am not reading very much at the moment. Approximately two minutes after I begin reading, I promptly fall asleep. This creates a challenge for certain genres and topics of reading which require attention to detail and frequent and plot twists, so I checked out a book at random, hoping for the best. After plowing through the Hunger Games Trilogy I was ready for something engaging, but not too difficult to follow. A few characters, a simple plot, and a fun little mystery later, I had my book. It took me three weeks to finish (see above obstacle) but was perfect for the busyness of now.

It reminds me a little of when I was in high school and I chose to read books beneath my grade level, books intended for younger readers. But sometimes I think it's nice to have a fun little read to give your mind a break between books that require much attention to detail.

Thanks to the library for letting me dip my toe into the waters of the cozy and fast-paced series: The Flower Shop Mysteries. Now it's time to tackle one of the many books on my actual to-read list.

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Amy said...

I love reading "below-grade-level" books. Just a couple of years ago, I read the Series of Unfortunate Events books. And of course, I love re-reading my old favorites also. I think it's OK if we don't completely grow up with our book choices! :)