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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a slice of winter

the snow was mostly gone, due to overnight rain. i could hear it melting away and turning to slush as the cars drove by early this morning.

i checked, double checked and re-checked the weather report, finally deciding to pack my things and head to work. i had already declared that, "no matter what, if when flakes begin to fall i will head home."

a few hours later, they began to fall. and  they were many and they were large and each one stuck to the road, adding a white layer to the world. and for a moment i thought about waiting it out but i remembered my declaration of earlier.

i have a deeply engrained urge to be a hero and to tough out most situations, but today i chose to listen to my heart, so i headed home.

my drive was unadventurous but along the way i prayed quick prayers for those i saw struggling & said encouraging words to the slow car ahead of me

you've got this!
          don't slow down too much... just a little bit farther...
                    nice job!

and when my brain started over-analyzing and thinking too hard, i quietly sang any song that came to mind, notes  filling the silence of an empty car and falling snow.

upon arriving home i found myself yelling 'hooray!' & yet i'm still not sure if i was excited to have safely made it through the blizzard of snow, or if i was excited to have listened to my heart.
either way, it was good.

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