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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Journaling Update

I mentioned earlier this month that I was trying to join the one book July challenge. It has been mostly successful, save the week where I didn't even touch my journal. I've loved having lists and tasks and notes all together. 
But I also love to doodle and journal on a bigger page. My sermon journal is almost full and I have been eyeing some fun and inspiring pieces from so I started looking around at ideas. Many people have a larger leather journal catch-all than I do, and while that would be a beautiful place to store devotional pieces and such, I am not really interested in buying something when I clearly have more than I need. So today I found my original bullet journal sitting on the shelf. It's full and currently not in rotation but I love the cover and a few of the layouts I did in particular. I pulled it out and compared it to my illustrated faith devo and realized that it would be the perfect size! But what to do with all the pages inside?

Well, they are mostly todo lists and task and things from the first half of the year that are no longer relevant, so I grabbed a pair of scissors, and with nothing to lose, I started cutting out the pages. I left my blog ideas, gratitude, books to read, water log, and exercise log pages because they seem inspiring to look back over. Most importantly though, I was left with a cute cover and space for new things!

I trimmed the top and bottom of the spine to be angled a bit and then added 3 rubber bands. From the inside of the book I can access the rubber bands and put insets and new little devotionals inside. 

I made a simple 4.25" x 8" blank book to use for my Overflow Encouragement devotional and got to decorating. I also spruced up the cover a bit. I had so much fun and am so eager to dive in! I'm going to keep this one by my bed so I can jot down gratitudes, encouragements, and use it for morning bible study.

Best of all, I used my stash, spent no money, and even got rid of some excess stuff!

If you haven't done so, check out to get some inspiration :)