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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bullet Journal - tracking

Last week I wanted to track my water intake. I set a goal but was really more interested in seeing how I did each day. I wanted to look for patterns and habits that might already exist and then see how I could build on those.
Interestingly it went really well! A few days I fell short by one serving, however I was still getting at least the minimum daily requirement. I also noticed that days where I was out and about were tricky. This is in part due to the difficulty of keeping track while on the go, but also because I was either engaged in activity (therefore not focusing on my water intake) or I was hesitant about guzzling so much water when bathrooms were few and far between :)
I did feel confident that overall I have developed a good habit that is worth working at and improving on. I also added a little note in the corner of each box to indicate about what time of day I finished that serving of water. That was really interesting because it showed days where I was doing great in the morning and then almost nothing all afternoon until dinner. In reflecting back, these were days where I was engaged in a project (at home or otherwise) where I was focused on a task. My mornings and evenings seems to be broken into small tasks all around the house so I'm frequently getting up and moving around, therefore carting my water bottle with me or refilling my glass with regularity.
Will I do this every week? Certainly not. But will I try something similar again: for sure! On Sunday when I was working on this post and looking over my chart I only ended up meeting 1/2 my goal for the day. I found it interesting that the moment I stopped tracking, I also stopped meeting my goal. So I'm trying a simpler version of my tracking. No time stamps, smaller grid and hopefully I can keep building on this mindfulness.

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