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Monday, January 18, 2016

sermon doodling

A day late but I have so many doodles to share!

Lately I've been taking to writing out the scriptures we reference on Sundays. It's kind of a big commitment as our pastor prefers large sections of scripture, but I'm really enjoying it for a few reasons:

  1. It's scripture - can't go wrong!
  2. It makes my brain slow down and think about each word of the passage, which usually helps me see patterns and things I might miss with a single run through.
  3. I want to be in the word more often and this is a fun way to dig in deep!
This first doodle is from lectio divina. As I was writing I realized the word "remain" pops up a LOT in this passage. I went back and highlighted each. I also like to write the verbs or descriptors in a way that stands apart. Since the passage was long and I had limited time, i kept to a simple print and just added cursive words as they stood out to me.

This one is also a longer passage from the sermon a few weeks ago. I went back with different colors to highlight certain words/phrases.  Nothing super fancy, but that also makes it easy to look back over later. 

I chatted at length with a friend the other day about this style of note taking/reflecting. It was fun to show her how sometimes I keep it simple and most always there will be a "mistake" somewhere. It's freeing to know that it can be as simple or complex as feels right for the moment!

happy doodling :)

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