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Sunday, December 27, 2015

scripture sunday #belighted

On Christmas Eve the message was about light. God's message and love are like a light that must be passed along, just as we pass along the Olympic torch or the candle flame during silent night. I loved this illustration as it highlighted that we are the messengers. We do not need to come up with content to share, just find opportunities to pass along the message we've already received. But to make this work, we must bear the light ourselves. We must keep the flame going and if it ever gets low, return back to God that he might rekindle the fire of His love.

So for my last scripture sunday, I choose this verse from Job. To put it simply, Job has a rough life. This is towards the end when Elihu is reminding Job that God is always faithful. He is speaking to Job and telling him to give credit to God the almighty and to be quiet and listen for God's guidance; to be lighted with the light of life.

I was visiting my in-laws this Christmas and it was fun to have new traditions and music on Christmas Eve. I was pleasantly surprised at how I was able to enjoy the moments and not dwell on what I was missing out on. Then the lights dimmed, Silent Night began and one by one the candle light spread. I was suddenly overcome with emotion and reminded of my Grandmother who always knew the lyrics to Christmas carols and had this look of pure joy when she sang Silent Night. I decided to just receive the flame and listen as the church sang that night and it was beautiful. It is rare that I opt out of an opportunity to sing, but I'm glad I chose to be quiet and bask in the moment.

I have really enjoyed this little word on mine; be. It is tiny but powerful. It was a call to action and it led me to so many wonderful bible verses. Not sure what my 2016 word will be however I know I will go back to these verses again and again and BEinspired to live with the light of life.

Happy New Year!

Each Sunday in 2015 I chose a scripture for the week. The scripture related to my one little word for the year and helped me intentionally explore my word and set a purpose for each week. See more scripture sunday posts here.

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Juliann in WA said...

I had the same response to Silent Night and was happy that I could sit behind the drum set and be still with that memory.