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Monday, November 16, 2015

30 days of lists

Edit: My blogging app seems to be delaying publishing so here are the weekend lists!


Essentials for Running in the Rain
1. hooded windbreaker with cinchable hood!
2. hat with a bill to keep your face dry
3. thin shoes - they will get really wet and pretty fast, but will also dry quickly and not feel so heavy when they take on water
4. close fitting wool socks - cotton will result in blisters
5. capri leggings - long pants soak up and hold water, shorts are too cold but capris are juuuuuuust right
6. gloves
7. zippered pockets for halfway through when the gloves are too hot
8. close fitting running tank - keeping my core warm is a must!
9. moisture wicking tee - water will get through the windbreaker but I won't be soppy wet
10. a warm shower waiting for you when you return!


Snack I love
1. pretzels
2. popcorn
3 most things crunchy and salty
4. carrot sticks
5. apples and cheese
6. cuties!
7. bell pepper and hummus
8. roasted pumpkin seeds
9. pistachios and dried cranberries
10. yogurt with granola

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