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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

30 days of lists

Warning! This is a sentimental lists for the 6 month anniversary of my Grandma's passing.

I want to remember
1. That's she taught me how to shuffle cards like a pro
2. Canoeing on the lake
3. Bike rides and picnics
4. Homemade syrup on pancakes (usually blueberry)
5. Going to the nutcracker and how she helped clean me up after I got sick in the car... Every. year.
6. Playing puzzles and board games
7. Her collection of bobby pins in the bathroom drawer
8. The importance of thank you cards and that she kept so many I sent over the years
9. Later on, when she didn't really know  I was i heard her turn to Grandoa and say, "She was lovely, wasn’t she?"
10. How she came to so many of our events whether sports, church, recitals, or school


Juliann in WA said...

Thanks for the warning. I love this list too and now I know where you got that bobby pin thing.

Taylor [LorTay] said...

I was just thinking about homemade blueberry syrup today!