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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

One Little Word 2015 Update

10 weeks left in the year. I can hardly believe it!

Frankly, I'm impressed that I've stuck with my scripture sunday goal this long and am getting giddy just thinking about how close to the end I am! 

Thoughts 42 weeks in:
  • I love this project
  • I don't know if I'll do it next year, maybe similar but with a twist
  • I appreciate how my word is made new each week - I'm the type of person that loves change and thrives on the chance to "mix it up" and look at something from a new angle
  • I can't wait to order my book!
Progress Report
I was working to update my Artifact Uprising file so that I would've get too far behind. In doing so I realized that I'd missed a few and started digging through my archives. Enter chaos. It was a mess so i decided to start back at the beginning and check over everything.

I made a spreadsheet and entered all the Sundays for 2015. Next I went through my blog/instagram and noted all of the hashtags and verses. I was surprised to realize that only a few verses have been repeated! It was also really fun to look back over the verses and reread some of them.

Once I had this list up to date I was able to figure out which photos were missing in my book. If I hadn't started the book so long ago, I probably wouldn't be doing it. The idea of trying to find all of those photos would be overwhelming, however since I started early in the process, it's been really fun!

All in all I still love my word (for it's versatility) and though I've been a little hit or miss lately, I am still enjoying the projects I'm using to reflect on my word. I have also been revisiting my pinterest board and adding a few inspiring images, hoping to finish the year strong. 

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Juliann in WA said...

Are you making a book for your OLW?