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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Scripture Art - behind the scenes!

I'd love to do a video of doodling my sermon notes but I don't have all the pieces necessary so in the meantime, I did a little step by step photo tour of a scripture I doodles this morning.

Big ideas here

  1. I don't really plan ahead and yes, I use pen. I love living on the edge
  2. Most of the time I can make a "mistake" work out and it becomes a "feature," as we say in our house. Sometimes I just have to start over (see below)
  3. I start by finding the words or phrase I think should stand out and consider that as I begin, leaving bigger spaces and reserving fancier fonts for those.

I was trying a new font and I just went too far, it felt beyond saving so I started over.

So here is a step by step with commentary of how I worked through a new verse that I am memorizing this week.

Here is the verse that I'm using for reference. I have this nearby so I can keep looking at it throughout the process.

1. I want "blessed" to stand out but I'm not ready to commit to the details so I do an outline font. This gives me the option to color it in later, add stripes, scallops, etc.

2. I decided to highlight the word "peacemakers" and wanted a script because it feels smooth and connected and, well peaceful. The words in between transition in a contrasting way with squarish letters that match the width of the first word. "Peacemakers" got longer than I planned but since it's pretty vital to the verse, I'm okay with it spilling over.
3. I want the word to stand out a bit more so I begin tracing back over to help it standout.
4. In th end I stick to making the entire shape bolder rather than just the rounded parts or straight sides of letters. Now we will see if the rest spills to the right like this word or if I go back to keeping the words a similar width.
5. I decide to mix it up with s tall skinny font. This will allow me to get all three words onto one line and return to the width of the first few lines.
6. I'm all about contrasting here and to make "be called" stand apart, I go with short wide letters now. The are not quite bold enough so I'll need to go back over them.
7. I've traced over the phrase and I love how it stand out more. I might even consider adding color to this line later.
8. "Sons of God" seems like the big moment the verse is leading to, so I make it big. I go with a differs script than above to make it more casual
9. I decide to add thickness to the round bits of the letters and start filling in the first word. The little bars are nice but too plain.
10. I end up with my go to of stripes only I try to vary the width a little here and there. This would also be another spot to add little pops of color, but that's for another day.


I've added the verse title at the bottom and it's done! Well, for now :) I may go back and add colors but I want to sit with it for a bit. I also may add a border or some small icon in the lower corner. As you can see, there is a bit of thought but not much preplanning. No major mishaps that needed to be covered up this time, but when that happens, arrows and hearts are great for patching errors.

Hope that gives you a peek into my process and I'll work or a video or photo tutorial of how I do my scripture notes! Have you been doodling? Link in the comments so we can see your art!



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Juliann in WA said...

Fun to watch over your shoulder