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Friday, July 24, 2015

fiber friday

Oh the adventures it had this week!

First, my whispering pines shawl had major surgery. In my traveling I misread the stitch count needed for the lace and ended up with 18 rows TOO MANY!!!! That's right, 36 extra stitches and 18 extra ROWS! Of course I notice this late at night when the lighting is bad, my eyes are very weak and tired, and my emotions are high. My darling husband came to my rescue and while I held a lantern over the project, he meticulously picked up each of 233 stitches onto a life line so I could resume in the morning. At one point I realized ridiculous we must've looked as we both were sprawled out on the floor taking over the entire living room and acting like we were in a scene from a medical drama. "Metal crochet hook," he would say when stitches were getting small then, "clamp this while I grab my other tool." I bust out laughing so hard at his seriousness and the absurdity that I almost compromised the entire project. After a five minute break I kept my cool with just a random giggle here or there and we finished. Oh the adventures!

I other news, I hand-wound my second skein of malabrigo from my trip. I started this shawl and am loving it! I can't wait to block it and see the zig zags more neatly. They scrunch up quite a bit while I work.

I'm also studying the chart for and prepping to make the guernsey triangle shawl by Brooklyn Tweed. I'm excited about my yarn (Fossil color way in Loft) because it is light in color and will hopefully show off the pattern well. I've also been wanting a cream colored shawl for awhile as it should go with most everything I wear!

I hope you're having less dramatic fiber days than I but iPad love to hear about a project you want to dive into! Off to, very carefully, work on lace....!



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Juliann in WA said...

that pattern is so wonderful - zigs and zags on my blog today too