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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

may goals

As we dive into May I've decided to set some new goals that both stretch my previous goals and also help me try new things

Run 60 Miles

This month I want to try and run 60 miles. Last month was close but with an 11 mile run already in the books and a holiday weekend toward the end of the month, I feel confident that this is both attainable without being unreasonable.

Finish Two Books

This was a great goal for me a few months back. I liked the challenge and I have since discovered a good system for listening to audiobooks. I have three that I'm in the middle of or just started and could use the extra motivation to pick up a book instead of turn on a show, looking forward a book report soon!

Memorize Scripture Each Week

I have wanted to work on memorizing scripture for awhile. Everytime I make this a priority I am blessed by the ability to call up scripture when needed. I have recently been following this site which offers devotionals, journals, and art inspired by scripture. I've been meaning to support them and realized that they have monthly download packages with digital calendars and printable files. Included in the package are monthly scripture cards. So I decided to give it a try. I printed them on cardstock, cut them apart, and hung them by my bed. The verses are short and simple and powerful. So far I'm doing pretty well with verse one and I hope to find success so this can become a habit!

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