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Saturday, May 23, 2015

current booklist

One of my goals this month is to finish 2 books. Currently I am in the middle of these stories:

The Girl on the Train
I am listening to this one as an audiobook and I find it very interesting. There are two main narrators and it has a bit of mystery and intrigue mixed into a character development plot. Just getting into the most mysterious part yet. I cherish any drive longer than 5 minutes because it means I can listen to this book!

The Fringe Hours
This is a great book so far. I need this type of book to help me sort through my thoughts and feelings about say "yes" and "no" and better managing my time and activities. There are spots in the book where you can write and reflect, however I would love to lend this out or reread in the future so I decided to use a journal instead. Low and behold this journal was sitting on the clearance rack and target. I saw my one little word all over the cover and knew that I had to get it. It's been fun to stop and doodle and reflect and mark quotes that are speaking to me. I want to make more time for this type of book.

The Forgotten Affairs of Youth
This is a for fun read. I love this series and the slow pace of the books. There is a lot of inner dialogue with the main character and it makes me stop and pay closer attention to my own inner dialogue. This one is best for longer reading sessions, as the plot moves slower than other books and you want to soak into the characters and setting for more than just a few minutes.

Yes Please!
I finished Amy Poehler's autobiography/memoir earlier int he month. I really enjoyed listening to it so I could appreciate all the jokes fully. She also has some great guest readers. Overall a fun read and great for listening to while running. People think you're a little crazy when you start laughing along the trail, but that's okay. It's good to laugh :)

I am going to start a summer reading list this weekend. Any suggestions?


Juliann in WA said...

It am about half done with
Boys in the Boat
These were great audio books
A Year of Biblical Womanhood
The Rosie Effect

Jess said...

Awesome! They're on the list ;)