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Friday, February 13, 2015

fiber fridays

Fiber Fridays are back!

Hopefully they are back for a while, because that will mean I'm actually making and working on projects. I took a little break over Christmas. I think I got worn down by the very full year of knitting. I'm hoping to do a little numbers post about the projects I completed last year. Stay tuned!

Currently I am working on three shawls and a cowl. Progress is not much on any of them, though the cowl will likely be finished soon.

Lightweight Cowl

Yarn: Quince & Co Chickadee
Color: Chanterelle
Pattern: Girlfriend Cowls with slight adaptation

This was meant to be a fun and easy knit. Success! I've not worked on it very many times and have made great progress during each session due to the simplicity of the tweed stitch. This is also small enough and simple enough that I just carry it in my bag without accouterments and a pattern. A round of knit then a round of k1 sly with yarn in front and repeat! I'm excited to wear this as the color is feels neutral but will add variation to my current wardrobe favorites, which are mostly shades gray.

Cozy Shawl

Yarn: Bumblebirch Fingering
Color: Drizzle
Pattern: Whispering Pines

I'd love to get back to working on this shawl because it's a fun knit and it has a subtle detailing that isn't terribly difficult. I can't wait to get to the edging as I think it will be an interesting pattern. This one is for me, and it will be fun to wear, as I don't have any grey cowls or shawls!

Beaded Shawl

Yarn: YOTH Yarn Little Brother
Color: Thyme (not available on website)
Pattern: Jana by Veronica Jobe

The shawl is meant to be a gift for someone. It is my first shawl knit end to end and has inspired me to look at more patterns in this style. The beading isn't hard but to get set up and ready to knit is not inspiring me. It takes more concentration than other projects (lots of seed stitch) and a flat surface to rest the beads on. Since I am not currently finding more than 15 consecutive (distraction-free) minutes to work on projects, this one has been hiding in a project bag. Perhaps the upcoming long weekend will allow me an opportuniity to resist this shawl. I'm nearing the center of the shawl and can soon start the decreases!