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Thursday, January 1, 2015

one little word 2015

Before I can talk about my new One Little Word, I needed a chance to reflect on my word from 2014. 


I loved the word choose. It inspired me, helped me focus on important things, got me through trying times, and was the best possible word for 2014. As the year came to a close, I found myself avoided thinking about a new word. I was a bit sad to end the year even though I knew I didn't have to say "goodbye" to the word choose. I know that I will continue to be intentional with what I choose to bring into my life and what I choose to send out into the world, but it is time to transition and find a new perspective.

One goal from 2014 that I never quite achieved was the ability to limit myself, to say no when needed and be "ok" with the choice. Instead I chose to continue to do things that make my heart sing so as not to get bogged down with the heaviness of life.

This resulted in a busy and overwhelming life. Spoiler alert: this is not news and will likely be an ongoing trend in my life. Double spoiler alert: I'm not going to stop aiming for less stress!

So this year I want to take this task of choosing my response and choosing my attitude to the next level. My word this year is

Did you make a strange face? I did when it was first suggested to me. I didn't get it. But then the more I thought about it, the more I began to love it (imagine the Grinch's heart growing 3 sizes!). Suddenly I imagined the possibility of setting smaller goals within the course of the year. I haven't decided officially on how it will work but here are a few possibilities:

be joyful
be grateful
be generous
be encouraging
be still
be active

What versatility!

I am grasping more and more how little I can control in life, however I am also grasping that I CAN control how I enter each situation in my life and that I can be joyful always, pray without ceasing and give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5.16).

Happy 2015

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Juliann in WA said...

I was going to ask you but forgot. This is a great word. Now for a bit of crafting time?