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Friday, May 23, 2014

Fiber Friday

Yarn Trip update!
 Any trip with a ferry boat is worth the windblown look. Sunshine and a cup of coffee didn't hurt either.

Alright! Now for the details, two weeks later. We said farewell to Seattle and headed over to Bainbridge Island. A simple day trip to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

Part of this adventure was to seek some local yarn. We had a yarn shop in mind but after walking too far and missing it we wandered into the farmer's market. Lo and Behold! A yarn booth! When I entered the booth I heard my husband whisper "You should probably get something from here!" The two gals looked like they could be my long lost best friends and not only were they into knitting but they recycle old sweaters and resin and dye the yarn! Recycling and knitting together!

It was a really hard decision as they had very beautiful color but I decided to go with a worsted weight which was dyed with local nettles. Yes, nettles. On their website you can see the sheep they get their wool from and be inspired by the all natural dying methods they use.
After a little lunch and recovery from the very exciting yarn find we made our way to the shop we intended to visit. Ah, to walk into a shop where they say "Did you make your shawl?" and they "Ooooo" and "Ahhh" and fill your creative spirit. Can you tell I enjoyed this trip?

Since I'd already made a purchase i figured I'd just drool a little over the yarn, but my lovely husband was set to spoil me that day and talked me into buying something totally different than anything I have at home. What a challenge!

I tried to stick to local yarns but I had my eye on this Brooklyn Tweed, a label I've been dying to try out. After deciding that a light purplish pinkish yarn (mauve?) would be a nice addition to my collection we narrowed it down to the Postcard color way in the Shelter weight. I picked up two skeins with 3 different project possibilities and the yarn section of my heart overflowed with possibilities! Maybe this?

Twas a very successful trip overall, especially in the fiber arena. I have already cast on this hat with the nettle yarn and hope to get some knitting done on our weekend road trip. 

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