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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fiber Friday no. 1

With two shawls under my belt, I am on my way to a new knitting addiction! There is something satisfying about knitting row after row, watching the shape grow and take form.

I am especially enjoying the new patterns and stitches I've discovered. I've been knitting for nearly 10 years and I'm only now feeling like a  real knitter. As will most hobbies I believe there will always be new hints and techniques to try, which is one of the reasons I continue to pick up my needles!

Here is my current project, the Fireflies Rising Shawlette from Curious Handmade. I'm using size 6 needles and a beautiful new yarn from our local yarn shop called Kettle Yarns.

After a week back from spring break, i realized how challenging yet necessary it is for me to make time to knit. I didn't make as much progress as i'd hoped so here is to making time for fiber fun!

Fiber Friday - Each Friday I will post about all things fiber related. Some weeks will feature yarn projects and other weeks fabric with a few projects I am dreaming of sprinkled in between.

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Juliann in WA said...

Your yarn goes well with your yarn buddy