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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Slice of Life 2013 - Burgers and Buddies

I didn't mean to stay so late at work, but the work needed doing and the time seemed right. Unfortunately that meant no energy or motivation remained to think about, let alone make, dinner. I offered to pick something up, but he insisted on going out to eat. Not one to argue, I swung by the house and without much deliberation, we headed out.

As we entered the diner I thought to myself, "That couple looks so familiar..." and they seemed to be thinking to same about us. And suddenly, our evening plans needed no planning, because there stood our good friends who we'd been trying to get together with for a months. They'd driven around looking for a place to eat and ended up rather suddenly at the same diner as us. And with that, a day which began as stressful and disheartening ended with an impromptu date-night with friends.

Answer drove home S said, "That was fun." I felt my heart sigh happily and I smiled back in agreement, speechless at the way God gives us what we need long before we even recognize our need.

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