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Saturday, December 1, 2012

december 1

i'm not sure how we got here. i suppose december 1st always comes after november 30th... regardless,  here we are, 24 days from christmas and i actually got an advent calendar up on the wall! sure, it's not the one i've been ticking away at, hand stitching for 2 years, but that one will have it's day of glory some year. this year is about the beauty of simplicity :)

a handful of patience and a few holiday deals later i acquired a wire frame with photo clips and a set of pocket cards pre-stamped with #1-25. this project was so simple and fun, i can hardly believe how happy it makes me! I cut cards out of brown kraft paper and fancied up the top of each with some hexagon papers and different cutting techniques.

each card has a different activity on it, such as: go for a walk, bake something, light a fire, sip peppermint hot cocoa, learn the history behind a christmas carol... and so on.

what i love about this project is that next year we can use the same cards, or create new ones! and the wire frame can be redecorated to be used year-round. perhaps 2013 will have monthly random activity cards???

no promises, but the possibilities seem endless!

happy decemeber. 
may it be merry & bright 
may there be many moments of joy!