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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I've been occupied all night playing with my new toy: Project Life! I really wanted to dive in, so I began some prep work which will hopefully help me keep at it during the busyness that will surely hit once Christmas break is over.

I started by browsing the different kits and looking up some of the bloggers who have participated this year. I got some great ideas for how to document 2013 and in the end, I was inspired to make some cards if my own!

Here are a few photos S took for me. I created the cards with Adobe Photo Shop Elements and Apple's Pages program (Word equivalent). After inbuilt the images, I printed them at home on white card stock. So simple and VERY fun! Looking forward to dreaming up some more design ideas and color schemes.

**the calendar cards were inspired by I made my own template and cards for 2013 using Liz's design scheme and Helvetica Neue.

**the font for the "jot a thought" card is the Becky Higgins Script font found at