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Thursday, December 20, 2012

christmas greetings

One of the advent activities was to make a Christmas card. I'm of the paper and glue variety while the hubby is more partial to the digital world. So here's what we came up with!

Truth is, making a card like this is not an easy task. Two creative minds working late at night to summarize a year worth of events and compose seasonal wishes onto the back of a postcard... lets just say it's risky. No lie, we took a day to think it over before committing to our order and it was totally worth it.

Yes, I love to make cards, cutting, trimming, glueing and rearranging to find just the right layout. But more than making cards, I love that we can share the joy of sending cards and Christmas blessings. It's worth the effort & time, and a tradition worth carrying on!

Merry Christmas!

Spoiler alert: those who see us most often will not be receiving this card, as they get to experience our faces in real life. Instead, they should look forward to a paper and glue version of our Christmas greetings!