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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


This Lent, I decided to try a devotional. Again. I've tried before but inevitably lost the small paper book, spilled something on it or changed purses without relocating it.

This year I chose a devotion on my phone. The daily readings were manageable (read: not too long and daunting), I could set a daily reminder to buzz and tell me to read, and my phone is always nearby.

The picture below captures three wonderful stories within this experience:

1. My Plan - this title is laughable to me since I've always struggled with the balance between my own plans and Gods Plan. Yet each day as I read, I feel as though I am asking for my plan to BE God's Plan. Progress!

2. 92% - I am not behind! Only one or two days did I forget, but I knew it and I missed the restful few minutes of sitting and reading Jesus' story. So I caught up and with only 3 days left, there is a strong chance I will make it through this goal (on time)!

3.6:34am - The reminder on my phone is an added bonus, for sure. From the beginning I hoped to get to the point where the alarm was unnecessary. Ling term, I want to be motivated and aware of making this a daily decision. Currently my alarm is set to remind me at 6:45am, so here is proof that I am tapping into this motivation.

I have been listening to my HEART this season, striving to be intentional and to dive into Lent and now I am planning the next step, post Easter. How will I continue forward with this habit? How will I make it a priority and maintain the internal, heart centered motivation I am feeling today?

** the app I use is YouVersion for iPhone and I have been reading the 40 Days of Lent devotion.

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Juliann in WA said...

Well done - I failed on this one bit there is always tomorrow :)